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Founded in 2006 by James W. Wagner
Hyde Park-Chicago, IL

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11th Annual
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Sunday Evening Jazz Schedule

Our Home for Jazz on Sundays...
Room 43

- TIME: two sets beginning at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
- LOCATED: 1043 E. 43rd Street, Room 43 is 1.5 blocks east of Ellis (between Berkeley & Greenwood) on the south side of the street (at the bus stop sign - it has orange awnings).
- FREE PARKING: on the street or in the "One Stop" lot at Lake Park & 43rd (1 block east)
- VALET PARKING: is NOT currently available
- CASH ADMISSION: $10 adults/$5 for University students with ID or children with adults
- ROOM 43 offers bar and food service, including a tasty selection of "Jazz Bites."

July 2017 Schedule

Sun. July 02: Jeremiah Collier - featuring Jeremiah Collier (drums), with Isaiah Collier (saxes), Micah Collier (bass), Dan Tabion (piano)

Sun. July 09: Dwayne & Dwight: The Bosman Twins - featuring Dwayne Bosman (flute, alto flute, and saxes: alto & tenor) & Dwight Bosman (flute, and saxes: C soprano, Bb curved, alto & bari), with Miguel de LaCerna (piano), Marlene Rosenberg (bass), Mike Allemana (guitar), Yusef Ernie Adams (drums)

Sun. July 16: Micah Collier's Alec Tet - featuring Micah Collier (bass), with Alexis Lombre (piano), Isaiah Collier (saxes), Jeremiah Collier (drums)

Sun. July 23: Victor Goines - featuring Victor Goines (clarinet/saxes), with Jo Ann Daugherty (piano), Emma Dayhuff (bass) Clif Wallace (drums)

Sun. July 30: HPJS's 5th Sunday Jazz Jam Session hosted by Joan Collaso - featuring Joan Collaso (vocals), with sidemen TBA

August 2017 Schedule

Sun. Aug. 06: Bernard Scavella - featuring Bernard Scavella (sax), with sidemen TBA

Sun. Aug. 13: Thaddeus Tukes - featuring Thaddeus Tukes (vibes), with sidemen TBA

Sun. Aug. 20: Victor Goines - featuring Victor Goines (clarinet/saxes), with sidemen TBA

Sun. Aug. 27: A special "Double-Bill" evening at Room 43 - with:
      6:00 p.m. Morgan Park H.S. Jazz Band
      7:30 p.m. Jarrard Harris Quartet - featuring Jarrard Harris (sax), with sidemen TBA

The Calendar is subject to change!


Two Days!
Saturday and Sunday
September 23 & 24, 2017

Festival Benefit Concert
Thurs. June 22, 2017
The Promontory in Hyde Park
...featuring Christian Sands Trio!

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